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Field placement is the required hands-on learning component of American International College’s (AIC’s) online mental health counseling programs. Whether you enroll in the master’s or doctorate program, you will apply what you learn in the classroom to real-world situations to prepare you for your future in mental health counseling or academia.

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Your dedicated AIC field placement team collaborates with you to secure quality field learning sites that reflect your educational goals. They ensure all experiences meet the College’s standards and that the agencies and field instructors are approved before you start your fieldwork. 

Concurrent coursework and field experiences connect theory with practice. Field placement provides real-world, hands-on counseling experience in the form of practicum hours. Your Field Placement Coordinator helps identify quality placement sites within your local community so you can focus on your coursework and build your skills.

No. Support to find field placement sites in your community that align with your career goals is integrated into the program cost and saves you time.

Your Field Placement Coordinator will guide you through the entire process. They will give you a realistic idea of the field experience to ensure you are ready to work with supervision and independently.

Students are strongly encouraged to list agency referrals on the field intake form for the field placement coordinator to arrange. Mental health counseling faculty are required to review and approve the agency before the start of any field work.

Completing the field placement intake form initiates the field placement search process. Upon completion of the form, you will be required to complete all field clearance requirements (by the College and agency) prior to the start of your first field experience. Most agencies have additional requirements for the College and/or interviews that students must complete prior to starting. As active participants in the placement process and to help focus the placement team’s search, students are encouraged to provide any local sites where they would prefer to complete their field hours.

Typically, students complete their field practicum hours at: 

  • Community centers/organizations 
  • Human service agencies 
  • Counseling and therapy centers 
  • Addiction and mental health treatment facilities 
  • Adoption agencies 
  • Senior care facilities, such as nursing homes 
  • Correctional facilities 
  • Hospitals/clinics

You will receive a notification from your dedicated Field Placement Coordinator prior to each field experience start date. 

No. Due to the educational nature of the fieldwork, sites do not pay students. You are responsible for your transportation and travel expenses. 

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Elizabeth Comino, Enrollment Advisor at American International College
Elizabeth Comino
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