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Clinical Placement Services

What can I expect during nursing clinicals?

All clinical experiences are slightly different because students work in a variety of health care environments. During your clinical rotation, you will be under the close supervision of your preceptor and the indirect supervision of an AIC clinical faculty supervisor.

How does the clinical placement process work?

You’ll work with a dedicated AIC placement coordinator who will walk you through the process and be your primary point of contact. Based on your goals and where you live, your placement coordinator will identify an appropriate site and preceptor for you within a reasonable driving distance.

How should I prepare for nursing clinicals?

You will be in close communication with your placement coordinator all the way through to graduation. He or she will ensure you complete all requirements and meet deadlines, answer your questions, verify your clearance requirements, and walk you through the nursing clinicals checklist.

When will I receive my clinical placement details?

You will receive a notification from your placement coordinator prior to each clinical start date. Once the placement has been confirmed and communicated, you are encouraged to begin working directly with your preceptor to establish a schedule.

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